Pirkanmaan Ammatti-Isännöinti Ltd

In Pirkanmaa, Tampere, Kaleva. Pamis.

Taking care of the properties and residents of Pirkanmaa has been a matter of the heart for us since 1987. We carry out our work using the latest technology and an uncompromising attitude, always flexibly and listening to the customer.


Good and personal service

Pamis is a house managing agency in Tampere, Kaleva. It has been our pleasure taking care of properties and residents in Pirkanmaa from 1987.
We got our ISA-authorization in 1989. Our Pamis-team provides a quality of service that’s become famous here in Pirkanmaa – just ask any of our long-term customers.

Our work is done with the latest technology and with a great attitude. Pamis is a privately owned, local company. You can find all of our 50 professionals under the same roof in Takojankatu.

With Pamis-team you’ll get excellent and personal service!

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Housing Management

We offer housing management services to housing corporations, rental buildings, commercial and industrial properties, parking companies and regional service companies.

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Property Management

All-inclusive property management or services tailored to your needs. We cooperate with many different communities!

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Technical Department

The communication between our administrative and technical management works fluently, because they operate under the same roof.

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Rental Services

Our rental service team is easy to approach, positive and great at selling. Pamis is a certified rental servicer. Powerful and efficient renting!

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